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Mount Kenya Trekking and Climbing Information - All our Guides Come From the slopes of Mt Kenya
Mount Kenya - Routes and Trekking Information for Mount Kenya - Mount Kenya's Routes and Best Time to Trek - Local Certifed Guides,Porters and Cooks

Mt Kenya Climbing Packages 2021 group joining trekking dates from January to December 2020.Routes sirimon and Chogoria best routes to climb

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Climb Mount Kenya, Africa's Second Highest Peak-We Support Trekking and Climbing at Mt Kenya National Park




  At trek to mount Kenya where we seek to give you the best possible experience hiking to climbing Africa's second highest peak, Mount Kenya! with best budget trekking and climbing prices
Why Do Climb and Trek Mt Kenya,Beside the Second Highest mountain in Africa,Its a very clean mountain,with scenic flows of rivers,come across elephant and buffalos,rolling moorlands,Pass through the Equator,Photogenic View of the 3 peaks , red sun rises over the African plains at Point lenana Accomodation in Huts and services provided by well Certified,Eglish spoken Local Guides,Porters and Trained Cooks who offers great Team Work as you trip on your Diary I Climbed Mt Kenya !Mt Kenya is the ultimate hiking and climbing destination in Kenya. It is the highest mountain in Kenya and the second highest in Africa at 5199m above sea level (asl), and features ice-capped peaks, outlandish glacial valleys, an array of crystal-clear glacial lakes (Tarns), and a myriad of other attractions

Mt kenya Climbing and Trekking Information Find your Guide to climbing Mount Kenya -

Mount Kenya (5199m) is the second highest mountain in Africa,Mount Kenya Mountain neigbouring Mt Kilimanjaro an ancient volcano ,For trekkers do trek up to Point lenana while The "real Rock " Mount Kenya is a long and serious climb, involving many pitches of fifth class rock climbing. This is not a trekking peak! Its one of the best places in the world Experienced Rock Climbers Put a signature ! on 7 summits There are two main peaks of Mount Kenya, the highest, Batian at 5199 meters and the slightly lower Nelion at 5188 meters. The two peaks area separated by the "Gate of the Mists" a deep notch, difficult to cross.To ascend the highest summits requires technical rock and snow climbing of at least grade IV (Severe) standard, and many parties bivouac on the mountain.

Mount Kenya's Routes and Best Time to Trek climbing routes and prices
Best and Most Common and easy Routes (Best Recommended)
Sirimon Route out Sirimon Route (The easiest ,shortest,scenic route 4 days) -Climb Mount Kenya on the Sirimon route to Point Lenana the best forest walkingroute in the park; a long hike crossing a high ridge while the Mackinder Valley simply awesomeSirimon .route passes through impressive Yellowwood forests in the lower reaches and features abundant wildlife and beautiful alpine scenery higher up!
Guiding price:650$ per person
The Route:5 star Route on Mt Kenya
When to Climb: January,February,Early March,end june,July Agust September,October November and December
Sirimon route Out Chogoria Route (The best and Most scenic route 5 or 6 days) -The ascent is up the scenic and relatively easy Sirimon route – the most popular route up the mountain. The descent goes down Chogoria which is unarguably the most striking on the mountain, featuring incredible sheer sided gullies, tarns and waterfalls. The route is 60km in length and includes an ascent (and descent) of 2,400m.
Guiding price:850$ per person
The Route:5 star Route on Mt Kenya
When to Climb: January,February,Early March,end june,July Agust September,October November and December
Sirimon Route Out Naromoru (Scenic,easy ascend and descend challenging but awesome 4 days) --most popular trek on the mountain,very scenic passing up the sweeping Mackinder’s Valley towards Shipton’s Camp and then descending through the notorious vertical bog and dense rainforest on the Naro Moru route. The route is just under 60km in total and involves an ascent (and descent) of 2,400m. We Pick you with 4x4 last hut Met station to the Gate
Guiding price:700$ per person
The Route:5 star Route on Mt Kenya
When to Climb: January,February,Early March,end june,July Agust September,October November and December
Traversing Mount Kenya Routes,challenging,difficult,Hard ,Scenic routes Mt Kenya (Recommended to experienced Hikers)
Chogoria Route out Chogoria (Scenic,beautiful Challenging ascend as well as descend) - Out of the three popular routes for climbing Mt Kenya, the Chogoria Route is without question the most scenic and rewarding for hikers interested in sightseeing as well as summiting
Chogoria route out Naromoru route (Beautiful all along with Challening Ascend and easy Descend ) - A fantastic west to east traverse of Mount Kenya using the Naro Moru and Chogoria Routes scenic and views are rewarding.Recommended for adventure people.strike out west up this long but spectacular approach through the deep chasm of gorge valley
Mt Kenya Climb with extra day for acclimatization for easy Summit Success 6 days - Best rewarding route to Mt Kenya to each and every trekker climbing mt Kenya 6 days is a better option
Adventure Guide to Mount Kenya,Trekking Mt Kenya Independent or Guided? Do it yourself Mt Kenya climbing-Walking & Trekking Holidays in Kenya can be Done by yourself on trek planning with affordable budget as follows:
Mount Kenya National Park Entrance Fees 225$ for first 4 days extra at 50$ per day
Local Guide,porters,cook and Food,Accomodation at Mountain Huts -Package of 100$ per person per day
Transport to Mt Kenya -100$ one way per car load 1- 7 pax
Accomodation at Mountain base rate of 50$ a night B/B
You can plan mt Kenya Trekking or Rock climbing with the above valid rates !

Mt Kenya Rock Climbing rate of 400$ per sucessful climb
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The Weather and When to Go?Mount Kenya's Routes and Best Time to Trek
It is possible to hike Mount Kenya throughout the year but it gets more difficult during the rainy seasons from mid-March to mid-June and October to mid-December.
Choosing when to trek or Climb Mt Kenya If would Like to do Rock climb to Nelion Batian Peaksr choice of season,is recommended and easiest route is the North Face Standard Route, which is climbed in August and September. Batian can also be climbed via a traverse of Nelion in the winter season, but this is more difficult and usually requires a bivouac near the summit of Nelion. For ascents of Nelion, the best route is the MacKinders, climbed in December and January. First things first, although Mount Kenya is on the equator, at an altitude of 4,000m it gets freezing at night! You need to be prepared for overnight temperatures well below freezing (a good three/four season sleeping bag is a must). Minus 10 or even minus 20 degrees C are not unheard of at Point Lenana. Otherwise expect plenty of hot overhead sun and rain if you are trekking during the short or long rains.


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